Safety Staffing

At Safety Operation Services, we understand that the execution of a successful project is often contingent on the overall safety of the project – so companies look to us to provide highly trained, professional safety staffing and direct placement to manage safety for their company, and projects.


SOS can staff your construction project, shutdown, turnaround or maintenance work. Our safety consultants can work anywhere in the United States for any duration. Hiring an SOS safety consultant is the perfect alternative to recruiting, hiring and training a permanent employee for your project.


Why choose SOS for Your Safety Staffing Needs?



 SOS can staff your project on short notice. We have safety consultants on staff, as well as, access to a vast network of credentialed safety professionals Nationwide.



Need a highly credentialed safety professional, but don’t have it in the budget to hire one? All SOS field staff have the support and access to our top leadership, as well as all senior consultants and managers on staff. Some of the other large safety staffing agencies just send you a “body”, not us! Each of our field reps have a life line of support and are constantly being developed and guided by our degreed and certified leadership!



Our recruiting team works hard to build a solid network of safety professionals throughout the nation. All safety consultants are top of their field and have gone through our detailed screening and interview process.



Leave it to us! When you hire one of our consultants, they are employees of Safety Operation Services. We take care of all human resources and payroll matters. We pay for their healthcare benefits, workers compensation insurance and all other cost associated with having employees which saves you money.




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