Safety Program Assessment


The purpose of a Safety Program assessment is to reduce your overall risk exposure by helping you create the safest work environment possible. Safety Operation services Safety Program Assessment combines Jobsite Risk Assessment, Hazard Identification, and Training Program Development, and management practices to help your company identify and correct gaps in your safety management processes.


As part of our comprehensive safety Program Assessment SOS provides companies with a wide range of safety and risk management services that include:


• Assessing your site for potential hazards

• Increase OSHA, EPA, and DOT compliance

• Develop site-specific safety programs

• Developed employee policies & procedures manuals

• Implement comprehensive training programs for continued safety

• Offer online training

• Create medical, drug-testing, and background check programs

• Build employee recognition and accountability protocols



The Benefits include:


• Reducing workers’ compensation claim costs

• Cutting insurance costs

• Protecting yourself from regulatory liability

• Minimizing exposure to fines & penalties

• Having customized training programs

• Receiving web-based training

• Ensuring consistent training across all sector of your business

• Increasing profits and reducing injuries




Safety operation services

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