Safety operation services


Our Loss Control Services Can Help You Save Big!


The SOS risk mitigation team provides loss control services designed to help businesses create a culture of safety that will minimize exposure to loss. A safe work environment leads to a more profitable business and our team helps evaluate businesses’ risk exposures, prepares them to handle a loss event, and trains their workforce in safety best practices.




Customized Safety and Risk Management Services

We recognize that every business is unique. That’s why we work closely with each one to tailor an effective, realistic, and attainable loss control service plan to meet struggles of your business.


We take a deep dive into your business’s operations evaluate equipment, environment, and employees to help pinpoint the root cause of accidents and other losses. We formulate preventative strategies and partner with you to develop a step-by-step risk management solution specific your work conditions.


As part of our comprehensive loss control service, our Risk mitigation team provides your business with access to a broad array of safety and risk management services that include:


• Workplace safety evaluations

• Training to prepare for accident investigations

• Safety leadership advice

• Machine safeguarding

• Ergonomic evaluations

• Driver safety programs


We also focus on helping businesses minimize the severity and cost of loss events by educating them in advance on how to safely and effectively manage a loss should one occur.


What makes our services different?


The benefits of working with our Loss Mitigation team include:


• Experienced Risk Mitigation consultants located Nationwide

• Technical specialists who help businesses operate safely and efficiently

• Technical specialist to evaluate workplace health risks

• Specialists who provide expertise in areas such as ergonomics, fire protection, industrial hygiene, occupational and construction safety

• Dedicated account managers


Commitment to Lasting Relationships

We are committed to partnering with you for the long term to drive continuous improvements and make safety a natural part of doing business. By making workplace safety a top priority, we can help businesses protect their employees and better control losses and the costs associated with them.



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