Environmental assessment


SOS environmental pros have performed thousands of assessments and impact studies at the outset of a project to optimize solutions based on factors such as cost, schedule, and human health and environmental benefit.

Our front-end services help our clients meet regulatory requirements, obtain necessary permits, and identify the most cost-effective solutions for a project. SOS conducts assessments and impact studies for all media, including air, water, infrastructure, and soils. Our pros use a combination of field data and computer models to accurately characterize the project environment.



• Permitting

• Scoping studies

• Socioeconomic analyses

• Source water protection plans

• Stormwater Pollution Prevention plans

• Transportation plans

• Ecological and human health risk assessments

• Environmental Impact Assessments and Statements

• Feasibility studies

• Master plans

• Watershed plans



Many additional custom services are available upon request.




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