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Safety Operation Services doesn’t take the normal approach to “hiring” employees, we look at everyone we bring on board as a critical member of our family. Additionally, we believe that our people the most important factor in the success of our organization. Without the support of the hard-working men and women in our organization we can not live out our vision of creating a paradigm shift in the traditional safety operations for the clients we serve and as an industry.  We know the other big safety companies you’ve worked for make you feel more like a number than a team member, but rest assured that is not the case here. Our approach to serving our clients is always one of servant leadership, where respect for all individuals, and a compassionate nature is valued above all else.


If you are a true safety professional with the drive to succeed, and passion to serve you are one of us. We are currently hiring for positions nationwide. If you are ready to be a part of the movement, please send your resume along with an introduction letter on a word document to CAREERS@THESOSPROS.COM. Alternatively, you can fill out our online application below. We want to know our people and the introduction letter is a great way for you to tell us who you are. You can share whatever you like including family info (we are all about family), hobbies, passions, work experiences, travel preference, areas of the country you like to work in or anything else you wish. This is not required, any information shared is purely voluntary and does not affect hiring decisions. We look forward to hearing from you soon!